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Makeup artists are an important part of creating the look for a special occasion. Whether you’re searching for a soft glow for a beautiful bride, elegance for a special occasion, or need to transform a model during a photo or video shoot, we can provide the picture perfect look.


Professional makeup artists are trained in the science of color and makeup application. Applying makeup that will be photographed is MUCH different than applying makeup for day-to-day wear. We not only consider your skin tone, hair color and eye color, but also the colors of your outfits along with the location and the types of light sources present when your photos are taken. Photographs and Video reduce your appearance to a two dimensional view and it takes training to shade, contour and highlight a face subtly and correctly.


Your perfect look is our focus – not selling products. We don’t sell cosmetics and we use a wide range of products from different lines to achieve your flawless look.

Lash Extensions

Wake up having beautiful luscious lashes! No more hassles of mascara and eyelash curlers. Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions will extend your eyelashes for a beautiful, dramatic, or a natural look and feel! Whether you want a beautiful look for a special occasion or just everyday wear, we have many options for you to choose from to achieve your desired look and style.


We offer the perfect solution for long, luscious lashes and beautifully defined eyes, eyelash extensions are great for both day-to-day wear and special occasions. These semi-permanent synthetics lashes can last up to 3 to 4 weeks.


Each single synthetic strand is applied individually and curves to replicate natural eyelashes, while providing length and thickness to your own lashes. With eyelash extensions, there is no need for mascara or an eyelash curler.  Eyelash extensions can be safely worn while in the shower, swimming, sleeping, or exercising.

Spray Tanning

When you come to Verb for your airbrush tan we will create a custom airbrush tanning solution shade just for you. It is not just a light, medium, or dark shade that we select from. We have multiple levels and undertones in order to custom formulate a solution specifically for your skin type. This special technique will create a natural looking tan. An account will be created for you to help us keep track of your individual formulas to better improve your following visits.


Why come to Verb Beauty?

We are certified and trained in performing custom spray tans. We use the best airbrush tanning solution on the market today. We never charge extra for darker or lighter shades. We do all airbrush tanning services and tanning parties in our salon. Stop worrying about who will be coming into your home or if there will be a mess left behind for you to clean afterwards. At Verb Beauty our specialty is tanning, from custom spray tanning to UV tanning we have it all. This has allowed us to master the art of spray tanning.


How does airbrush tanning work?

We have certified airbrush technicians on site to carefully evaluate your skin type and produce a solution formulated specifically for your skin. All airbrush tans are applied through a hand held airbrush gun that sprays a fine mist over your skin.


Hair Design

At Verb Beauty we are committed to providing quality hair care services to residents of upper South Carolina area. We strive to make the first impression a lasting one. 

As a professional hair and beauty specialist, Verb works with our clients to provide them with the hair style they desire. We make recommendations as needed, based on your hair color and type. 

For weddings, our goal is to understand you as a bride. Your personality, taste and vision for your wedding will all play a part in customizing your hair and makeup look that will transform you into the bride you always pictured yourself as. Our on-location mobile studio comes to you, creating a stress-free atmosphere for you and your bridal party. You can relax, knowing you are in expert hands, and allow yourself to be pampered and focus on savoring every minute of this day you have spent so long preparing for. We'll communicate with you throughout your engagement and you'll be confident in knowing exactly what you're getting on your wedding day.


Our waxing services are wildly popular in the because of our caring and professional approach and we only use the highest quality hard waxes available. No strips! No sticky feeling! We use hard wax to make sure our guests receive the most effective and gentle waxing experience.

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